COM Carriers


Diamond Point have extensive experience in designing COM carriers. COM is short for 'Computer On Module' and refers to a complete single board computer, usually in a reduced form factor, which presents its I/O via a small number (usually one or two) or connectors. COM modules don't work standalone - they are designed to be plugged into carrier boards.

This is where COM modules present a flexible solution - the carrier board can be designed for a specific application - with additional circuitry and customer specific connectors. The core CPU module and signals are provided by COM modules - this allows a fully customised solution in a far shortened development time. Additionally, as COM modules follow standards, it is usually very easy to change to a different COM module as no PCB changes usually have to be done. This allows use of different COM modules from different customers - so you aren't tied into a single vendor if your existing vendor develops supply issues. Additionally, when your chose COM module reaches EOL, you will be able to quickly change to a new COM module with no hardware changes - only your software image has to be updated due to new hardware drivers typically.

COM modules also usually provide a single surface for cooling purposes, which can either be passively cooled, conduction cooled or forced air cooled, depending on used COM module and/or target environment.

Diamond Point specialise in the following COM technologies:

  • COM Express® modules (modules typically 125 x 95 mm, 95x 95 mm or 55 x 84 mm with PCIe & PCI expansion)
  • ETX® modules (modules typically 95 x 114mm with ISA & PCI expansion)
  • SMARC modules (modules typically 82mm x 55mm with PCIe expansion)
  • ESM Express® modules (modules typically 125 x 95 mm with PCIe & PCI expansion)
  • ESM mini® modules  (modules typically 55 x 95 mm with PCIe expansion)

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